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My work is often sparked by elements of nature. Starting points may be the sudden bloom of fungi in the autumn drizzle or a sheep's jaw found by my dog on the Quantocks. My Sea Mist series was a response to cliff walks in Somerset, watching the fleck and foam of breaking waves suspended against the sky. An encounter with a rendition of Sea Fever, a poem by John Masefield, imaginatively took me in a slightly different direction, which led to a new body of work that I named after the poem.


For some time, I used purely white glazes on a black body in my Ghost Sister series. I then introduced a very little colour, barely a whisper. Gradually my glazing has become more expressive, gestural and unfettered, embracing drips of glaze with stains and oxides. And now I am preoccupied with applying all these elements to a grogged white stoneware to evoke strong energy and character in my Oceanic series.


If you are interested in buying or commissioning please get in touch. My studio is near Hampstead Heath, London.

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Selected Exhibitions

2021  Summer ExhibitionThrown Contemporary Gallery

2021  Winter ExhibitionThrown Contemporary Gallery

2019  Primrose Hill Designer Sale

2018  Handmade in Highgate

2016  Alchemies: Meirion Harries & Jenni Hicks, Lacey Contemporary            Gallery


+44 (0)7788 444842

Instagram @jennihicksceramics

UK Representation Thrown Contemporary

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